Kaida China: Supplier Quality Assessments

When it comes to quality snacks, Kaida Food is a name that stands out. With their range of VF potato chips and fruits and vegetables crisps, they have gained popularity for their commitment to using healthy and natural raw materials. Their low temperature vacuum frying technology ensures that the original nutrition and taste of the ingredients are preserved.

VF Potato Chips

The key product offered by Kaida Food is their VF potato chips. These chips are made from strictly selected healthy and natural raw materials. The use of low temperature vacuum frying technology helps in retaining the original nutrition and taste of the potatoes. This makes them a healthier alternative to traditional fried potato chips without compromising on flavor.

Beijing Kaida

Kaida Food’s headquarters, Beijing Kaida, was established in 2000 in Beijing, China. With around 900 employees and an annual output value of USD680 million, this company has become a major player in the snack industry. Apart from VF potato chips, they also produce fruits and vegetables crisps.

Automated Factory

To meet the growing demand for their products, Kaida Food operates more than 100 modern production lines at its automated factory. The factory boasts 100,000-level air purification workshops to ensure high-quality standards during production. Additionally, their low temperature vacuum frying technology allows them to maintain the nutritional value and taste of vegetables even at temperatures as low as 90 – 115℃.

Shudu Kaida

An important subsidiary of Kaida Food is Shudu Kaida which specializes in processing potatoes. Equipped with international advanced production technology and automatic production equipment, Shudu Kaida processes approximately 800 tons of potatoes per day.

Let’s not lie to ourselves; fried snacks are irresistible. However, Kaida Food’s commitment to using healthy ingredients and advanced production techniques sets them apart from other snack manufacturers.

Supplier Quality Assessments

Kaida China takes supplier quality assessments seriously. They understand that the quality of their products depends on the raw materials they source. By strictly selecting healthy and natural raw materials, they ensure that only the best ingredients go into their snacks. This attention to detail in supplier quality assessments contributes to the overall excellence of Kaida Food’s products.

In Conclusion

Kaida China’s dedication to producing high-quality snacks is evident through their use of healthy and natural raw materials, low temperature vacuum frying technology, and automated production processes. With a focus on maintaining original nutrition and taste, Kaida Food continues to provide consumers with delicious yet healthier snacking options.

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